Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fairy tail

Was trying to get this done a while back, the watching list still stands, this season held nothing new besides Fate/Zero.

It seems I dropped nearly everything last season.

Fair few promising shows I didn't try though: Kamisama no Memo-chou and Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth ~ The Animation. A few pieces of trash that might be fun too.

Dropped/stalled list:

Nichijou, (fell flat)
Hanasaku Iroha, (erg too much melodrama)
Yuruyuri, (watching very slowly)
Steins;Gate, (stall due to AoD being down)
Blood-C, (shite)
No.6, (yaoi shite)
Usagi Drop, (AoD, and slow)
Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream.(picked up for lulz, and v. slow fansubbers)

Now the odd bit the shows I haven't dropped/ stalled.

The iDOLM@STER, moe 'fest, not much plot but looks fantastic
Mawaru Penguindrum, fuck yes Ikuhara
Fairy Tail,....

now why the hell am I still watching this...  
I even checked the time untill the next ep this morning.
Something is very wrong, I must rationalise this.

Why I picked it up?
  • Kugimin as Happy
  • Crunchyroll show only for subscribers, felt I should watch it as I was paying anyway.

Why did I stick with it back then?

  • Yey female lead shounen.
  • Overarching plot linked to very fast
  • Fair amount of story progression, not much filler.
  • Bright colourful art. 
  • Varied characters.

So many bad points
  • Fanservice, Carry On style with sound effects indicating it *sigh*
  • Reused jokes, some very flat characters.
  • Lolicon, there is an awful lot of service/ fetishism around , Azuny...*looks it up* Wendy (goddamn is her name not memorable). I'm all for moe but she spends too much time being knocked onto the floor with a very short skirt on, though closer to Mio in K-on! terms as it never gets to panty shot but routinely gets very close, sure there's a fair few low angle shots as well.
  • Terrible animation, backgrounds look nice but I can see jaggies around some CG even on the SD version. Lots of realy cheap stuff as well, but lots of that's now shounen anime tropes as is.
  • Filler, duh this is shounen, but not as grating as some others.
Why the hell am I still going..
  • Hooked on the narrative? Plenty of hints at larger plot
  • Shounen fight are still fun.
  • Deus ex machina is also still fun
  • Even if the service is grating some of the characters are interesting (quite like Mira)
.... still can't find enough of a hook....

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