Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hibiki's Magic (Hibiki no Mahou)

Apologies for not posting in ages, had this half finished for a good 3 months now
I picked up this by hearing about it in a podcast discussion of moe on manga out loud.

My first reaction was this is being regarded by a critic as good, should look it up.
My second reaction was it's probably just some other author with the same name.
Then I confirm it was indeed that author and instantly purchase both volumes off Amazon.

Summer '11first ep views

And now the anime forecast, issued by the myself on behalf of the aniblogging comunity at 17:54 BST today

iM@S: very active character animation, lots of activity in every shot. Good.

Mawaru Penguindrum: FUCK YES IKUHARA!!! Heavy showers. Good.

Usagi Drop: Very real, hits damn hard. Good

Yuruyuri: Moe blobs, K-on! without the cake. Poor becoming moderate.

Blood-C: Noodle people, decent animation. Light showers. Moderate.